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24 Billion Selfies last year.

  •  Google statistics says 93 Million selfies were taken per day since 2014! 
  • 80% of selfies are shared with their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers. 
  • We are not "sponsored" ads like traditional advertising.


Global clients post contracts with Touty

  •  6 Billion people worldwide, 50% have smartphones and take selfies. 
  • Since 2012 selfies have grown 17,000 %. influencer

Your brand here on a T-shirt

Millions of Touters fulfill client contracts with Selfies

Our proprietary network of Touters will take selfies wearing your brand on T-Shirts (or other swag) and post on their social media.  Touty is an enclave of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Your brand will be ReTweeted, Liked and Followed!

Because your customers aren't sitting around watching TV or reading a magazine! influencer


Events where you will see our Touters

 v The Golden Globe Awards

v Cannes International Film Festival

v Miami International Boat Show

v Kentucky Derby

v PGA Grand Slam

v Buick Open Torrey Pines

v Pro-Am Pebble Beach Championship

v The Ryder Cup

v Paris-Dakar Off-Road Race

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